Sexuality Education Residency

What is the Sexuality Education Residency?
The Sexuality Education Residency is a unique opportunity for pre-service teachers to gain extensive training in delivering sexuality education for middle and high school aged youth. Participants can earn a $1,000 stipend upon completion, and may arrange for academic credit through their university. This program requires a time commitment approximately equal to a 2 credit class.

The Sexuality Education Residency includes:
1) A four day intensive training
2) 30-hour field experience paired with a health educator
3) Participation in three half-day seminars

The ideal candidate will be an Education Major with an interest in teaching sexuality education to middle or high-school age youth in their future career as a classroom teacher. Education Majors focusing in all subjects (including Health, Physical Education, FACS, English, Social Studies, Biology and other Science disciplines, etc.) are encouraged to apply. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome.

The training, seminars, and field experience placements are located in the Twin Cities metro area. Students must be available for all training dates, and are responsible for arranging their own transportation.

Currently, there are no Residencies scheduled for 2013. If you have interest in being notified when we host another Sex Ed Residency, email

What is the need?
Research shows that comprehensive sexuality education is effective in providing adolescents with the tools, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to make responsible choices about their sexual health. School-based sex education is supported by a majority of parents, teachers, and experts; but unfortunately, many young people do not get this critical information. In Minnesota, there are no statewide sexual health education standards and no state-required trainings or certifications to teach sexual health education in the classrooms. In order to achieve the best outcomes for health promotion, young people need to be taught by educators who are trained, comfortable, and enthusiastic.

Over the past several years, The Birds & Bees Project has been working on a new initiative to increase the capacity of teachers in our state. In addition to offering professional development to teachers at workshops and conferences, we are committed to providing training and support to pre-service teachers on college campuses.

Past participants said:
“This was a great experience and completely changes the way I will teach.”
“I can't tell you how much I learned from all of these experiences!  I am so much more excited to teach and advocate for comprehensive sex education in our school systems!”
“I loved the field experience – working directly with youth was so helpful!” 

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