For Parents.

Our Goal:

Each day our staff members present reproductive health
information in Minnesota high schools and community
organizations, and each day, we hear questions from youth
looking for information and advice.   We have developed this
website using our one-of-a-kind Birds & Bees Project
curriculum, and keeping in mind the questions we have
heard from youth over the past 35 years.

It is not our intention to tell your children what choices they
should make. It is neither our place, nor is it productive or
healthy. Instead, we intend to offer information and experiences
to consider so that they can make their own choices, and do so as
fully informed as possible.

Your Role:

Teens have reported to us that they would prefer to get information about sex from their parents, rather than any other source. It is never too early, or too late to talk with your child about sex. These conversations help lay the foundation for healthy behavior throughout a lifetime.

We know that you have worked hard to raise your child, and we are not attempting to undermine that work. The information presented here is meant to provide subject matter for your continuing conversations about sex, decision-making, reproduction, ethics, personal choice, and health.  

We want to be a resource for you as well as your teens. If you don't have the most up-to-date information, use this site, or other websites and resources we recommend to inform yourself (see links below).  We have brochures on helping you talk to your kids about sex, and other reproductive and sexual health information. We are always available to answer you questions via email and phone 612-821-9795

Feel free to contact us with your ideas and thoughts. We hope that this site allows youth to take a step in bringing their questions and concerns to you, and enhancing open communication in your family.

Have fun, be honest, and let these incredible conversations unfold...

Links for parents:

The Birds & Bees Project's "How Do I Talk to my Kids About Sex" brochure english - spanish

Families Are Talking - A project of the Sexuality Information and Education Council (SIECUS), the website provides information and resources including a Q & A column to help parents and caregivers raise sexually healthy children.

Advocates For Youth - This website offers parent's a sex education center which includes; talking tips, information on stages of growth and development - including sexual development, and columns by experts in the sexual health field.

Talking with Kids about Tough Issues - A national initiative by Children Now and the Kaiser Family Foundation, the website provides parents information for talking about sex, AIDS/HIV, violence, drug and alcohol use.