Your Rights.

Throughout the United States anyone, of any age, can buy condoms. In 1997, the Supreme Court ruled that no state could bar minors from purchasing condoms. However, the rules for accessing prescribed forms of birth control, including emergency contraception, vary from state to state. In Minnesota teens have the right to receive confidential services related to birth control (Minnesota Statute 144.343) . This means that no matter what your age, you have the right to receive confidential information and a prescription for birth control from your health care provider. If you live in a different state, click here to see what your state laws say about your rights to access birth control.

Clinics in your Schools:
Many high schools throughout the United States have school based health clinics where students can receive free or low-cost birth control . These clinics are required to follow state law regarding protecting the privacy of your medical records. For example, both Minneapolis and Saint Paul schools based clinics provide confidential birth control services to their students.

Teen Clinics:
Teen clinics specialize in working with youth on many issues including sexual and reproductive health. These clinics provide low-cost, confidential services (based on state law) to teens. Click here for a list of teen clinics in Minnesota.  

Medical Assistance or Medicaid:
All state Medicaid programs are required by law to include family planning services, including birth control, to individuals of child-bearing age (including teens) who are eligible under the state plan and who desire such services and supplies.

Private Insurance:
Private health insurance plans are not required to cover the cost of contraception. However, they are required to allow you to see a doctor and get a prescription for contraceptive drugs and devices.   If you are using your parents insurance, your visit may not be confidential .   If confidentiality is a concern make sure to call the phone number of your insurance company to ensure your visit will be confidential. The bottom line is that each insurance company is different, so check with your insurance to see what costs are covered and how your confidentiality will be protected before your visit .