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Birth control methods, or contraceptives, are used to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy, and, in some cases, to serve as protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. Some methods require a medical exam and prescription, whereas others can be purchased over the counter at nearly any drug or general merchandise retail store.

If you're thinking about having sex, remember to respect yourself and protect yourself. Below is a great video excerpt from "The Talk: Captain Condom" by Saint Paul's Youth Performance Company. Take the time to watch it. It might answer some of your questions.

Are you wondering what the best birth control method is for you? Roll over the images below to read about the effectiveness, cost, how the method works, if a prescription is needed, and if the method protects against STI's.

Obtaining contraceptives is one thing, but using them effectively is another. There is some chance of failure with every method of contraception, even when it is used carefully and correctly. When choosing the most appropriate method of contraception, many factors must be considered, including: Am I concerned about preventing pregnancy only, or am I also worried about STIs and HIV? How much does this method cost? How effective is this method? Does it have side effects? Do I need to see a doctor or go to a pharmacy to obtain this method? Who is primarily responsible for using this method- me, my partner, or both of us? Is this method something that I am comfortable using (for example, if it involves touching my genitals, am I comfortable with that)? Should my partner and I use more than one method?

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