Welcome to BirdsAndBees.org!

We created this website because we think you're smart. We created
it because you CAN make intelligent decisions about your body and
your health, but you can only do that IF you have all the information
that you need.

This website acknowledges that sex happens, that sex can be a positive
experience, and that decisions about sex and sexual health are big ones.
This website is dedicated to all those who seek information needed to
make informed decisions about sexual and reproductive health, emotional
well-being, and lifetime goals. We have included information on birth control,
sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy options including:
abortion, adoption and parenting to reach our goal of providing full information.

The Birds & Bees Project encourages you to meet with someone you trust
(your doctor, your parent(s), a respected adult in your life, a teacher or clergy
member) to discuss the information presented here. We do not know the
needs and realities of your life. We trust that you will take this information
and use it in a way to enhance your emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Aligned with our valued principle of self-empowerment, The Birds & Bees Project does not assume responsibility for the choices that you make based on the information presented in this website.

It's your body -- it's your choice.